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IGL League

Infinity Global League: January 2022 Tournaments

There will be two Infinity Global League tournaments starting in January 2022:

  • A 5-round event with fixed lists that are submitted before the event (standard ITS format)
  • A 3-round 20×20 casual event where lists can be changed inbetween missions

All games will take place on Tabletop Simulator.

You must be a member of the IGL Discord server to take part. If you are not then please click here.


Five Rounds with Fixed Lists:

RegistrationDecember 31st – January 11th
SuppliesJanuary 12th – January 18th
Quadrant ControlJanuary 19th – January 25th
AI HuntJanuary 26th – February 1st
Capture and ProtectFebruary 2nd – February 8th
FrontlineFebruary 9th – February 15th

Three Rounds with Flexible Lists:

RegistrationDecember 31st – January 11th
Calibrate Antennas + Espionage on CanalsJanuary 12th – January 25th
Black Operation + Keep Your Troops Alive on BourakJanuary 26th – February 8th
Jailbreak + Kill specialists on Paradiso Raid February 9th – February 22nd


  • Entry Fee: None.
  • Lists:
    • Five Rounds with Fixed Lists: Two from the same faction, submitted in advance.
    • Three Rounds 20×20 with Flexible Lists: Any from the same faction, and lists can be changed inbetween games.
  • Points: 300
  • Extras: None
  • Additional rules or errata: None, but please read our rules clarifications.
  • Prizes: None

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