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IGL Competition

Infinity Global League Painting Competition 2023 – SEASON 1 RESULTS!

Welcome to the IGL Painting Competition Results show! Below you will see all the wonderful winners of our competition and get to learn who the overall champion is who has won a prize from one of our generous sponsors.

Toy Soldier Imports

Micro Art Studio

Mythic Games

The competition is split into 4 silhouette categories: S1/2, S3/4, S5 and S6-8. Unfortunately there were so many entries we are unable to show them all here, however the IGL would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all our entrants who put in the effort to paint one, or often several, Infinity models. Their names will be listed at the bottom of this post.

If you would like to hear commentary for these images and why they were chosen please check out the related WIP12 Podcast episode which you can find here:

Without further ado, lets see the top 3 painters for each category and reveal the overall winner!


Third Place: Lukasz Perzanowski/Perzan

Second Place: Roderick Huijgen/Vidrean/@meangreenminis

First Place: Stijn Arnold/Stinobinotje


Third Place: Kristian Greisen/Fisty

Second Place: Madhavi Partini/Delirium

First Place: Jordan/Obyiscus


Third Place: Kristian Greisen/Fisty

Second Place: Andreas Carbone/VeryFastpanda “Gamma Unit 01”

First Place: Dakota House/Fuwafuwaru


Third Place: Lawson Demming/Lawson

Second Place: Roderick Huijgen/Vidrean/@meangreenminis

First Place: Lukasz Perzanowski/Perzan

Before we announce the overall winner we would like to include an honourable mention of an entrant who went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks so much to Zooey/Catbabgrumbleblump/Missen for including in her entry a diorama! Excellent work which we enjoyed a great deal.

Now to reveal the Overall Champion and winner of a prize from one of our sponsors

Stijn Arnold/Stinobinotje!!

Thanks to all our painting competition participants! It was a great event running alongside the IGL satellite tournament, with lots of great entries, some of which we were greatly pained to not include in our list of finalists. A full list of all entrants is included below.

The IGL painting competition will return with the next season of the IGL!

Thanks to all our painters:

Andrea Carbone/VeryFastPanda

Ricardo Entjes

Stijn Arnold/stinobinotje

Nick Villegas/Nick [Aegis Games]


Roderick Huijgren/Viderean – @meangreenminis

Lukasz Perzanowski/Perzan

Jelle Zuring

Ryan Auld


Austin Tussing/Vanillatastic

Mick Evans

Madhavi Partini/Delirium


Kristian Greisen/Fisty

Sergio Van Pul/Sergio/theminiaturescrapyard

Weiger Prins/W1ggs

Dakota House/Fuwafuwaru

Andrea Carbone/VeryFastPanda

Lawson Demming/Lawson

2 thoughts on “Infinity Global League Painting Competition 2023 – SEASON 1 RESULTS!

  • Andrea Carbone

    The “Gamma Unit 01” title was a reference to Eva Unit 01 in Evangelion, that has the same purple and green color scheme 😛

    Thank you for the kind words on the podcast and for your work in organising this competition from both me and Madhavi!

    • Thank you for entering! Great effort, both of you.


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