Mentoring Program

The purpose of the mentoring program is to help new players take their first steps into Infinity. The program is aimed at anyone who wants to learn the game, whether they’re brand new, or if they’re going from new to competitive. It is organised through the Discord server.

How Does It Work?

When you join the program you’ll need to sign up to a mentor. A mentor is someone who will help guide you as you learn the game. Some mentors offer ‘structured mentoring’ for very hands-on and organised help, whilst others offer ‘unstructured mentoring’, which is for people that only have a few questions, or just want to practice one or two things.

How Long Does It Last?

A mentoring cycle will last for a fixed amount of time (usually two months). At the end of the time period the mentor will end the process. The reason for mentoring only lasting for a few months is because mentoring is challenging and time-consuming, so we can’t have mentors engaged for too long! At the end of the process the mentor may choose to start sign-ups again, or they may choose to take a break.

As a less experienced player, there is absolutely no limit on joining the program. One period not enough? No problem! Simply sign up for another and go through the process again.

By cycling through different programs new players get the chance to learn with a variety of different people, and mentors get the chance to take a break if they lack the time to continue!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be a mentor! What are my responsibilities?

Respond to the needs of your mentees! For the duration of the pod you’ll need to be on hand to answer questions about list-building, and organise / play demo games. 

I want to be a mentee, how do I join?

Join our Discord, and check out the ‘mentoring-program’ channel for more information.