Sunday, May 19, 2024


“Infinity: Mercenaries” is an rpg-oriented campaign framework for Infinity the Game, based on the harsh world of the smaller mercenary companies that populate the Human Sphere. Your task is to form and manage a new mercenary company, navigating it through contracts and trying to survive until your group will be strong enough to seize a permanent spot in the world of sanctioned fights.

In other words, It’s an inherently imbalanced 60-ish points Spec-Ops campaign with its own missions and XP and random events, written by Lareon.

The XP gains make hilarious units appear, like S5 Arm5 BTS5 2W Shock Immune Dogged Ghazi Muttawiah or Mimetism (-6) Daylami with Viral Rifle.

That sounds ridiculous!

It sort of is! It is also random as hell, bringing the vibes of old Necromunda and Mordheim while still working in a playable N4 Infinity rulespack.

You will be required to keep track of your team in a spreadsheet and update the profiles of your models in TTS, but we’ll be happy to help you start with that!

For playing Infinity: Mercenaries online in TTS we will run a continuously renewing league lasting one month and consisting of 3-4 rounds.

As such, each player can choose to join, drop or suspend their involvement and their team each month by filling in an entry form.

To ensure there is no vast disparity between teams, every 2-3 months to start with (and potentially monthly later) the top teams will be chosen by new powerful Sponsors, effectively retiring from the league and sent on their merry way in the Human Sphere, living the happy life of a mercenary ever after.

We might do a Veterans league later with Sponsored Teams returning, so keep the rosters saved!