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Infinity Global League: September 2022 Tournaments

There will be two Infinity Global League tournaments starting in September 2022.

Both will be 4-round events with fixed lists that are submitted before the event (standard ITS format). They will be split by timezone.

One tournament will be for players who can reliably schedule games in the Americas time-zones, and the other tournament will be for players who can reliably schedule games in the EMEA (Europe – Middle East – Africa) time-zones.

You do not have to reside in these areas to take part but you must be able to schedule games with them.

Please only register for an event if you can consistently and reliably schedule games.

All games will take place on Tabletop Simulator.

You must be a member of the IGL Discord server to take part. If you are not then please click here.


RegistrationSeptember 16th – September 25th
UnmaskingSeptember 28th – October 4th
Sensor FieldOctober 5th – October 11th
AcquisitionOctober 12th – October 18th
CryogenicsOctober 19th – October 25th


  • Entry Fee: None.
  • Lists: Four Rounds with Fixed Lists: Two from the same faction, submitted in advance.
  • Points: 300
  • Extras: None
  • Additional rules or errata: None, but please read our rules clarifications.
  • Prizes: None

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