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IGL League

Infinity Global League: January 2023 Tournament

The Infinity Global League January 2023 Satellite event is a six round tournament which will take place on Tabletop Simulator.

This is a global event, which means you might be paired up with people in a different timezone to your own. It is absolutely essential that you have good flexibility to play games. If you only have one free evening a week in which to play games – do not register. It is unfair to your opponent if you fail to schedule a game because it jeopardizes their place in the event. We would therefore recommend having two free mornings and two free evenings per week, at least, if you want to take part. Having weekends free would certainly be helpful. 

For more details please read the handbook linked below.


NowEvent Registration Opens
Monday 16th JanuaryRegistration Closes
Event Starts
Wednesday 18th JanuaryMission 1: Firefight (ITS14)
Tuesday 31st JanuaryMission 1 Ends
Wednesday 1st FebruaryMission 2: Clighly Hassified (Custom)
Tuesday 14th FebruaryMission 2 Ends
Wednesday 15th FebruaryMission 3: The Armoury (ITS14)
Tuesday 28th FebruaryMission 3 Ends
Schedule Speeds Up
Wednesday 1st MarchMission 4: Frostbyte (ITS14)
Tuesday 7th MarchMission 4 Ends
Wednesday 8th MarchMission 5: Engineering Deck (ITS8)
Tuesday 14th MarchMission 5 Ends
Wednesday 15th MarchMission 6: Supplies (ITS14)
Tuesday 21st MarchMission 6 Ends
Wednesday 22nd MarchFinal Results Announced

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