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Infinity Global League (Satellite) Painting Competition – SEASON 6 RESULTS!

Welcome to the IGL (Satellite) Painting Competition Results show! Below you will see all the wonderful entries into our competition and get to learn who is the overall champion and winner of a prized discount code from one of our generous sponsors.

The IGL painting competition is an international event and to support it we have sponsors from around the world. It works like this: If our champion is from North American, then our friends at Mythic Games will provide prize support. If Europe is the home of our champion then Micro Art Studio will be the source of their prize. In this way, no matter which of those three territories you come from, you can receive your prize locally and avoid time consuming and expensive long distance international shipping.

Thanks to our excellent sponsors for supporting this event!

Sadly, Toy Soldier Imports, our sponsor for AUS and NZ, can no long support the competition. We thank them for their support and wish the owners and workers there all the best for the future.

If you are the owner of, or know of, a flgs in the AUS/NZ region, or any other region not currently represented, that would like to support this painting competition please get in touch with us at [email protected]

At the IGL Painting Competition we have 4 categories: S1-2, S3-4, S5 and S6-8. This means when we judge our entries we compare across roughly the same size of model. We pick a winner for each category if we have enough entries for a competition, and when we have a lot of entries for a given category, as we often do in the S1-2 category, we choose a top three. We also pick an overall winner who receives the prize of for a discount code to one of our sponsors.

If you would like to hear commentary for these images, and why we thought our winner was the best, follow the link below or go to episode 150 of the WIP12 podcast in your podcast app of choice, in which head judge Thomas and guest judge, and winner of IGLPC 5, Mike, @grumpy_painter on Instagram, go through all of the entries and offer praise and critique.—Season-6-Results-Show-e2icihm

Without further ado lets see the entries!


Ricardo Entjes/Zencha Forward Observer, Armoured Reconaissance Unit

Bixie, The Jade Champion

6’2″ Koala/@thepaintingkoala/ Ariadna TAG:Raid Beasthunter/ “Big Game Hunting”

Yalaz Ozkanli/Mukhtar Active Response Unit (Doctor)

Ed Villaver/Guilang Skirmisher/”Yu Jing Numbawan (Haqqislam Numbatuu)”

Sangarn/ @triumcorp/ Taqeul Officer (converted using: Fraacta, Aelis Keesan, Ectros and Ko Dali)/ “Ganimaa”

Alex Chu/Wnoise#2791/@alexchu1004/Samsa/”The Cockaroach”

Alan/ darkbearlab#/ @hallodx/ Kosmosoldat/ “Alone in the Dark”

Wrong hen/ wangmian#/ Bluecoats Naval Security Detatchment/ “Wrong Hen’s Space Cop”

Joe/ @pootitan3000/ Shaolin warrior monk/ “Tilda”

dechickenking/ @luong_dustin/ Cassandra Kusanagi/ “KsaBny V2 Electric Boogaloo”

Lala/ @whitebasetw/ Owner – White Base Taiwan Gaming Store/ Mary Problems Tactical ÜberHacker/ “Very Problem”

John/@Izzyspaintingworkshop/Shang Ji Invincibles APHMG

PoPo/ lpopo#/ @po_miniature/ Makhai, Steel Phalanx’s Operative Unit/ “Ms.Mackey”

Moritz/ @MrMoe/ Oznat, Morat Hunting Regiment


Yalaz Ozkanli/Shihab Remote


Robert Kuska/Wheelchairtrademark#/Gamma


Moritz/ @MrMoe/ Bultrak, Mobile Armoured Regiment

That’s all of our entries, so it is now time to announce the overall winner of the IGL (Satellite) Painting Competition: Season 6, and recipient of a discount code from one of our sponsors. *drum roll*

The winner is:

6’2″ Koala/@thepaintingkoala/ Ariadna TAG:Raid Beasthunter/ “Big Game Hunting”


Your prize will be winging its way to you soon.

All that remains is to say thank you to all of our entrants, and to you dear reader/podcast listener, for taking the time to make this competition as strong and engaging as it is.

The IGL Painting Competition will continue with the next season of the IGL starting April 15th, and in the summer will be part of the Infinity Global Week!

That means there will be an IGL Painting Competition running from the 24th June to the 24th August with the results due on the 1st September, to coincide with the last day of Infinity Global Week. The usual sponsorship prizes are available from Micro Art Studio and MOE Games and in addition there will be Prizes from CB, too! The exact nature and spread of prizes is TBD.

All the best and don’t forget to keep you brushes sharp!

Diomedes x

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