Sunday, April 21, 2024
IGL Competition

Infinity Global League Painting Competition 2023 – SEASON 3 RESULTS!

Welcome to the IGL Painting Competition Results show! Below you will see all the wonderful entries into our competition and get to learn who the overall champion is who has won a prized discount code from one of our generous sponsors.

The IGL painting competition is an international event, so we have sponsors from around the world. It works like this: If our champion is from North American, then our friends at Mythic Games will provide prize support. If our winner comes from Australia or New Zealand the lovely folks at Toy Soldier Imports handle prize duties, and if Europe is the home of our champion then Micro Art Studio will be the source of their prize. In this way, no matter which of those three territories you come from, you can receive your prize locally and avoid time consuming and expensive long distance international shipping.

Thanks to our excellent sponsors for supporting this event!

As always the competition is split into 4 silhouette categories: S1/2, S3/4, S5 and S6/8. As is common for the IGL painting competition, we had a lot of S1-2 entries and relatively few from the other silhouette categories; but non-the-less they are all a delight to behold.

If you would like to hear commentary for these images and why they were chosen please check out the soon to be released episode 125 of the WIP12 podcast, in which head judge Diomedes and two special guest judges go through all of the entries and offer praise and critique.

Without further ado lets see the results!

Silhouette 1/2

Drew Meger – The Corey Press: Patchers, Structural Response Team

Reto Bosshard/@retobosshard_miniatures – Cadin “Firststrike” Donn, Pointman of the Grenadiers Regiment

Freek Jan Hamming/fjhamming/@bikesquidminis

Burlesford – Namurr, Experimental Operative Group (Sith themed)/Dragon Lady HVT

Ricardo Entjes – Epsilon Sniper

Ethan friel/BingoBangoBongo – Fraakta Drop Unit

Roderick Huijgen/Vidrean/@meangreenminis – Indigo Spec Ops Captain, Uma Sørensen/Helen of Troy HVT

Hushhherism – Reverend Superior, Cassandra Kusanagi

Rant Casey/@grokkedbandwidth – Mavericks, 9th Motorized Recon Battalion (Dismounted)

Christian Ohlrich/@ohlrichminiatures – Bixie, the Jade Champion

Dakota House/Fuwafuwaru – Nomads???

Kristian Greisen/fistymcbumbash/@kristianshobbycorner – Jazz

Michael Crawford/Agelaus – ORC troop (Plus scenic base and squad)

Third Place: Burlesford – Aida Swanson

Second Place: Tomasz Kossowski/Sharrankar – Sukeul Commando

First Place: Doby Young/Dobes – Polaris Controller

Silhouette 3/4

Dakota McCleve/Korshai – Lamedh

Hushhherism – Tsyklon Sputnik

Winner: Burlesford – Rafiq

Silhouette 5

Doby Young/Dobes – Roadbots Highway Patrol

Michael Crawford/Agelaus – Bøyg Soldiers

Winner: Burlesford – Tarik Mansuri, Khawarij Amir (Sith themed)

Silhouette 6-8

Ethan friel/BingoBangoBongo – Maghariba Guard

Kristian Greisen/fistymcbumbash/@kristianshobbycorner – Maximus, Optimate and Hexadome Legend

John Israel/@izzyspaintingworkshop – Guija Squadrons

Burlesford – Shakush Light Armoured Unit

Drew Meger, The Corey Press – Polaris Bearpode

Winner: Doby Young/Dobes – Sergent Duroc

Overall Winner: Doby Young/Dobes – Polaris Controller

That all folks! We hope you have enjoyed the many excellent entries in this edition of the IGL Painting Competition. Many thanks to all our entrants and a big congratulations to Doby Young! A discount code for a sponsor of your choice will be winging its way to you soon.

If you are keen to take part, the next IGL painting competition is currently underway, check out the announcements in our Discord for more details.

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