Saturday, July 13, 2024
IGL Competition

Infinity Global League Painting Competition 2023 – SEASON 2 RESULTS!

Welcome to the IGL Painting Competition Results show! Below you will see all the wonderful entries into our competition and get to learn who the overall champion is who has won a prize from one of our generous sponsors.

The competition is split into 4 silhouette categories: S1/2, S3/4, S5 and S6-8. This time around we had relatively few entries in some of the categories, so we only have placings for the S1/2 category, however we were very pleased with every entry and they are all listed below.

If you would like to hear commentary for these images and why they were chosen please check out the related WIP12 Podcast episode which you can find here:

Without further ado lets see the results!

Silhouette 1/2

Dakota House/Fuwafuwaru – Agatha Wabara (Custom)

Fjhamming/@bikesquidminis/Freek Jan – Moran Masai Hunter

Marco Crivaro/Tassu – Ragik Hacker

Sergio Van Pul/@theminiaturescrapyard – Valerya Gromoz, Mercenary hacker

Wieger Prins/W1ggs – Male Yuan Yuan

3rd place: RantCasey/Scott – Line Khazak

2nd Place: Roderick Huijgen/Vidrean/@meangreenminis – Uxia McNeill

1st Place: Roderick Huijgen/Vidrean/@meangreenminis – Knight Hospitaler

Silhouette 3-4

Kristian Greisen/FistyMcBumBasher/@kristianshobbycorner – Daleth Rebot

Kristian Greisen/FistyMcBumBasher/@kristianshobbycorner – Probot EVO Hacker

Silhouette 5

Dakota House/Fuwafuwaru – Penitent Observer

Sergio Van Pul/@theminiaturescrapyard – Batard, Mercenary Antipode

Silhouette 6-8

Lukasz Perzanowski/Perzan/Hortwerth – Anaconda, Mercenary TAG Squad “Beba’s Stallion”

Sidnite – Guija Squadron

Wieger Prins/W1ggs – Cutters, Varuna Naval Chasseur “Cutter 118, The Arctic Naval Chasseur”

A big thank you to all our entrants, it was a delight to see what everyone came up with and the effort they put in.

However, without further ado, the overall champion of the Infinity Global League Painting Competition Season II and the winner of a discount code for use with one of our sponsors…

Roderick Huijgen/Vidrean/@meangreenminis with his Knight Hospitaler!

Thanks again to all our competitors and we hope to see more from them (and you!) At the next instalment of the Infinity Global League Painting Competition!

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